Our Approach

We're a data-driven shop and our integrity is key. We do everything by the numbers. We have opinions, but they're based on an honest read of the data. We don't start with conclusions and find analysis to support them. We analyze the data and tell you what we think it says, and we will turn down work if we can't stand behind the conclusions.

Our Story

We're refugees from LA who wanted our own piece of heaven in San Luis Obispo. After years grinding it out, we bit the bullet and made the jump for our kids, our family, and ourselves. We started SLOeconomy.com because love to nerd-out on data, love living in SLO, and know there's more work we can do to take the scare-factor out of statistics so everybody can be informed and help make SLO even better!

Meet the Team

We believe that data is the great equalizer. We all have our own opinions, but there's only one set of facts. The data are those facts, and by making them available we hope YOU can take SLO to the next level.


Jordan Levine

Chief Economist

Jordan has over 7 years experience in Researching, Analyzing and Forecasting the SLO Economy


Nadia Levine

Chief Motivator

As the heart and soul of the operation, Nadia provides the motivation, supplies the vision, and keeps us honest.


Levine Clan

Chief Family In Charge

Putting smiles on faces and filling hearts. In short, the reason why we work.

Something Missing? Need Help? Have Suggestions?

We provide a wide range of consulting services from custom dashboards, analysis/consulting, and speaking at your events.

And we're always looking for good local data, so if you have a suggestion, please drop us a line!