Home Prices

Housing underlies all of our economic choices and ownership is among the best ways to build wealth. See how home prices are trending in SLO and its cities.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Jobs are the lifeblood of any economy. When more people have jobs and income, everybody wins. Find out how SLO fared last month.

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Census Sense

Get wise to the local demographics in SLO. Age, gender, education, occupations, income, home ownership. You name it, we got it.

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Free Local Data For You

SLOeconomy.com provides a variety of data on the San Luis Obispo County economy and region in stunning interactive dashboards. Even better, we do it ABSOLUTELY FREE. There's a ton of data out there, we've just gathered it up and made it accessible for everyone.

What makes us unique is that we provide LOCAL data and analysis from LOCAL economists. SLO is unique: we escaped LA to get here, so we know that national or even state trends won't do! Filtering everything down to SLO and what the broader trends mean for SLO is what makes us different.

We tried to run the gamut of data that is freely available online, and we're always looking to add more. What makes us special isn't that we have proprietary data, but that we bring free data from disparate sources in one place, and show it to you in a meaningful way that's easy to use.

You shouldn't have to be a data nerd like us to benefit from the vast amount of public data out there. We'll handle the technical bits, you just inform yourself, make better decisions for your business, shape public policy in your city, get active, or whatever else comes from knowing what's up!


Something Missing? Need Help? Have Suggestions?

We provide a wide range of consulting services from custom dashboards, analysis/consulting, and speaking at your events.

And we're always looking for good local data, so if you have a suggestion, please drop us a line!